Thank you for your interest in Thyatira’s future!

Beginning in 2016, Thyatira has been in the process of planning more intentionally for the future of our ministry in Western Rowan County.

On January 27, 2019, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee presented its Summary and Recommendations at Thyatira’s Annual Meeting.

This Strategic Plan document is available PDF form below or can be obtained from the church office.

Together, we’ll fulfill God’s vision of Thyatira as the Good News Capital of Western Rowan County!

An example from our own community

Patterson Farm, one of our Western Rowan County neighbors, is a great example of the kind of change Thyatira’s Strategic Plan is promoting.Patterson Farms has grown, changed, and become a blessing to our community in ways no one could have anticipated. Yet it remains a farm, its fundamental identity.The same will be true for Thyatira. We will always be a church. But with God’s help, we will grow, change, and become a blessing to our community that no one (except God!) could have imagined!

Please take a look at the video made for the Steering Committee’s January 27, 2019 presentation.