Thyatira is blessed with a compassionate Parish Nurse ministry that helps keep the community healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Through the work of both our Parish Nurse and Health Promoter, Nora Patterson and Georgia McCorkle, the healing ministry of Christ is brought to life here.

“The parish nursing program is an organized, hospital-based approach to increase health awareness and wellness.  This program integrates the role of faith in healing, as well as the church’s role in Christian care giving, by linking a congregation to the healthcare system through a health ministry team.

“The parish nurse is a registered nurse who functions as a member of the church staff to promote health, wellness, and healing through education and spiritual support for her congregation.  In 1998, the American Nurses Association formally recognized parish nursing as a new specialty area in nursing and developed professional standards for parish nursing.

“Since the hospital setting is becoming more of an acute care facility, community-based wellness programs are of increasing importance.  These programs educate and motivate individuals toward health maintenance and disease prevention.  Considering the fact that many people attend church meetings regularly to seek a better life through fellowship, nurture, and guidance, churches are noted as logical locations for the mission of wellness. 

“ ‘Prevention through education’ is a key motto for parish nurses.  The parish nurse has several roles:  Educator, Counselor, Advocate, Referral Source.  Health Education is presented to individuals either at the church, in their homes, or in-group classes. 

“A parish nurse is a visible symbol of the congregation’s healing and health ministry.  Gifted and educated for a health profession, the parish nurse assists members in the body of Christ in the care and nurture of the life God has given them.  The parish nurse combines a knowledge of the body with Christian motivation to help people toward better health.”  (Parish Nursing Department, CMC-Northeast, Medical Rounds, 2008)